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Castor Seed Oil

Ricinus Communis

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(Agriculture, Botany and Composition)

Family Euphorbiaceae. There are many varieties that grow as shrubs or trees. The oil is commonly cold pressed from its seed. It is high in fatty acids especially ricinolieic acid (80 - 90%). Geography: Native to the topics and subtropics in the Meditarranean, Africa and India

Historical Uses

Castor Oil has been used for centuries in India, Egypt and China topically to minimize inflammation, relieve sores and abscesses and throughout the Middle East as a surfactant, deep conditioning agent and emollient. It is has been used in makeup (especially lipstick), deodorants, moisturizers, creams and conditioners.

Stories & Legends

The ancient Egyptians used castor seed oil for embalming mummies.

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Next Ingredient Caviar Lime

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