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Citrus Grandis, Citrus Paradisi, Citrus Racemosa, Citrus Maxima

The ABC’s of Indie Lee Beauty

(Agriculture, Botany and Composition)

Family Rutaceae. The tree grows between 15 and 20 feet tall, has dark, shiny leaves and large fruit which are typically yellow and between 4-6 inches diameter. The most sought after parts for skincare are the peel, composed mainly of limonene (up to 90%). used to create oil via cold pressing, and the seed. Grapefruits are antioxidant rich and contain vitamins A, B5 and C and lycopene. Geography: Cultivated in subtropical climates worldwide.

Historical Uses

Provides uplifting, cleansing and aromatherapeutic benefits while delivering antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to the skin. Used often as a fragrance component in creams, lotions, perfumes, soaps.

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Next Ingredient Himalayan Salt

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