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Mangifera Indica

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(Agriculture, Botany and Composition)

All parts of the mango tree are rich in nutrents and antioxidants. Mango seed butter is achieved through the pressing of the roasted mango kernel and is rich antioxidants, vitamins - including A & E and hydrating essential fatty acids. Geography: Tropical climates worldwide. The oil is semi solid at room temperature but melts upon skin contact.

Historical Uses

Mango seed oil is included in body butters, lotions, face creams, balms, anti-aging skincare and haircare (especially dandruff relieving treatments) due to its cell regenerative qualities, moisturizing, soothing properties and its abilities to improve skin tone and elasticity. For acne relief, Mango seed oil is often included in scrubs and cleanser.

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Next Ingredient Marula Oil

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