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Pogostemon Cablin

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(Agriculture, Botany and Composition)

Family Lamiaceae. A perennial bush that grows between 2-3 feet tall. Its popular oil is cultivated through steam distillation of its leaves. and white with purple marked flowers. The name is believed to have originated from the Hindi word 'Pacholi" which means "to scent" . Geography: Native to subtropical and tropical regions of Asia.

Historical Uses

Used as a fragrance ingredient in perfumes and skincare, especially soaps.

Stories & Legends

Patchouli oil has been popular for thousands of years. King Tut was buried with 10 gallons of patchouli oil. It is not clear whether he wanted it for its scent or for its aphrodisiac or healing properties. Patchouli, which has antimicrobial properties and a strong scent, was popular in the 1960s and 70s among rockers, artists, bohemaians and the like who used it in incense to hide environmental odors and as a body oil to mask body odor.

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